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We build the world you imagine, together. Our experienced mobile app developers are here to leverage years of experience to create a bespoke mobile app tailored to your needs. Just sit back and relax, while we do the rest.

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Head in the world. Hearts in the code.

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Over the last 15 years, we have gathered a whole heap of domain experience in various industries. Our experienced developers have worked on creating custom mobile apps to give our clients an edge over their competitors and grab users' attention.

We adapt to your needs, learning about your business along the way. Rest assured, we’ll guide you through every step of the development process, focusing on what works best for you.

Your idea. Our expertise.

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Why Partner With a Mobile App Development Company?

We are not your average partner. We don’t sit back and solve tickets. We do our best to learn about your dreams, hope, goals and domain to ensure you receive the best mobile apps on the market.

Mobile App Development

Mobile Application Development Services We Offer

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    Create your unique iOS mobile app to boost your business and reach a broader audience. You bring the vision, we bring the brains to help you build a smooth and secure mobile app for a pool of over 1.5 billion users.
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    Team up with our team of Android developers to use the full potential of the Android platform. From solution and delivery to support and maintenance, our team of experienced Android developers are here to build your next great app.
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    When end users cannot spot the difference between hybrid and native apps, it means you’ve developed a great app. To build an app that works in any environment you need experienced developers who understand both native and web app technologies. This is what our developers do best.

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    Our clients trust us because we deliver high-quality mobile apps. Our QA engineers are experienced in validating all aspects of a mobile app. This means you will get a bug-free, fast and secure app your users will love.

What We Have Done for Our Customers


Benefits of Hiring a Mobile
App Development Company

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You get your money's worth

By hiring a vendor with an existing infrastructure, you avoid the operational costs of running a business such as onboarding, hiring and office costs. With Vega IT you can scratch additional costs off your list.

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Reduced Time to Market

Boost your revenue and be one step ahead of the competition by reducing your time to market. If you have an experienced vendor such as Vega IT by your side, you can accelerate your development cycle to grab a bigger market share.

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A specialized pool of developers

Vendors often have developers with a specific skill set that can get the job done much faster, allowing you to save time and money.

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Scale up or down

Customer demand is ever-changing and unpredictable, which can make or break a business. You need to be agile and keep up with these changes. With an experienced vendor like Vega IT development, you can scale up or down when needed to keep up with the demand.

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Minimal risk

When working with a reliable partner, you are free to focus on your business while they do the heavy lifting. Vendors such as Vega IT already have established processes and quality control to help you avoid risks and receive the best software solution.

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Domain expertise

Your ideal business partner is not a robot on the keyboard. It is the one who has the knowledge of your domain which allows him to look at your business as a whole. With over 1500+ shipped projects, Vega IT is a partner that knows the world, as well as the code.

What Makes A Good Mobile App?

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A great mobile app combines great UX and UI design combined with functionality. You also need to keep in mind your business goals and long-term objectives.

With over 1500 projects under our belt, these are some of the must-have features of successful apps we have created for our clients:

  1. Great UI design - mobile apps need to be intuitive and engaging. Users want an app that gets the job done while being visually appealing.
  2. Fast load time - a fast mobile app is one that creates a better experience and retains users. Your users expect stability and reliability.
  3. Protected data - data protection should not be looked at as a benefit. It should be your top priority as your customers are putting their trust and data in your hands. Keep in mind that this is an ongoing process, as new threats appear on a daily basis.
  4. User support - keep your customer well informed and provide them with user support. Create FAQ sections, tooltips, live chat, etc.
  5. Built-in integrations - a key component that makes an app successful. Connect your data across different platforms your business uses. This can help you gain better customer insights, speed up the decision-making process and increase efficiency across teams.

How to choose the right Mobile App Development Partner

Creating an engaging mobile app for your customers is not an easy task. You need a partner who understands your business and adapts to your needs. So, here are a few key takeaways to have in mind when choosing the right partner:

  • Create a list of your mobile app requirements
  • Do your research. Find trustworthy mobile development that aligns with your business philosophy and culture.
  • Learn about their tech stack and domain expertise related to your industry
  • Ask for references that can confirm their expertise
  • Negotiate the terms of your contract and make sure there are no hidden costs
  • Ask about supporting roles needed to develop your mobile application such as Project Manager, QA, Business Analyst, Data Scientist, etc.
  • Make sure they can help your support and maintain your app after the development is done
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When Should You Hire a Mobile Development Company?

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Our clients have been collaborating with us for so many years because they trust our expertise and proactive approach. Our developers are not just programmers behind keyboards who execute tasks with no questions asked. They talk and engage with our clients to ensure they get the best value for their money. Over the years, clients have usually hired us when they needed:

  • To create a custom mobile application
  • An extension of their in-house team
  • A self-sufficient team of mobile developers
  • A partner with specific domain expertise
  • A partner to maintain and support their mobile app

Our Process

Get to know us, our work methodology and our company culture. We know that there’s no “one-size-fits-all” solution when it comes to software development. This is why we want to learn more about your project’s needs to match you with the right software developers from our 750+ professionals.

Our tech stack: designed to work with yours

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Our speciality?
High-performing, semantically-rich and accessible markup, paired with perfectly organized CSS/SCSS architecture. Dreamy.

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