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Vega IT is the first and only Certified Umbraco CMS Partner in the Eastern European region. If you need a website that's easily manageable, contact us and we'll create a unique Umbraco solution for you.

Umbraco Development Services

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In 2017, there were 400,000 websites in the world based on Umbraco Content Management System. Their goal is to reach 1,000,000 users by the end of 2021.

The same year, there were 231 Umbraco partners around the world. We are proud to announce the Vega It Sourcing is the first and only Umbraco Certified Partner in Eastern Europe.

We went that extra mile and got certified for this CMS because we truly believe in its qualities. This is an amazing open source system that is convenient to use for developers and content editors alike.

Why Should You Use Umbraco?

Your choice of CMS system can make your website an easy-to-use, well-oiled machine that you enjoy editing or a complicated task that makes you roll your eyes. Here are just some of the reasons why Umbraco is the perfect solution for you:

Umbraco is open source

This gives you two amazing benefits - it is free and its source code is open to adjustments. What does this mean for you. Firstly, when we say free, we really mean it. It has all the necessary features that the expensive alternatives have, but without the price tag. Just because you don’t have to pay for the licence, it doesn’t mean that is is a cheap option - far from it! The quality of Umbraco is top notch.

Secondly, the fact that it is open source means that you are not limited to what you find in your Umbraco website. You can add options and elements that you need. That is one of the reasons the Umbraco developers love it. It is also one of the reasons why we chose the Umbraco website development to be one of our strengths.

Umbraco is designed to be intuitive

You don’t need seminars, webinars, long tutorials and similar training to learn how to use Umbraco. Your content editor will get the hang of it very quickly. How do we know? It’s just the way Umbraco is designed. It is made with users in mind. Here are just some of the features that make it so easy to use:

  • Effortless media management
  • Responsive views
  • Easy approval workflows
  • Fully accessible from mobile devices, as well

Umbraco is highly customizable

Since it is an open source CMS, it is obvious that it can be altered, changed and adjusted to your company’s needs. This flexibility in design makes Umbraco the perfect choice for companies of different sizes and from different industries. Moreover, it is highly scalable! That is a feature which benefits any organization.

You can easily integrate Umbraco with 3rd party services by the use of extensible API. You can choose from Umbraco’s rich base of multilingual options, so you can duplicate your website and feature them in different languages, boosting your SEO efforts in that way.

Umbraco offers unmatched support

If there is one thing that all Umbraco users can agree upon that is the excellence of customer support. There are well over 220,000 active members of the Umbraco community that work together to improve the system itself and to help other users with their issues.

Why Should You Pick Vega IT as Your Umbraco Development Company?

There are two main reasons why you should hire anybody to help you with your website development:

  • Obvious know-how
  • Extensive experience

Being the Certified Umbraco CMS Partner, Vega IT Sourcing offers both the expertise and the experience and adds a couple of more things to the table. So, let’s start with 4 answers why should you hire Vega IT Sourcing for your Umbraco website development.

We have the knowledge and the experience

There are more than 40 Umbraco certified developers in our team. They have already successfully completed more than 300 different projects. Moreover, we had over 50 Umbraco projects during the last year only. Most of them are for the UK market.

Our developers have worked with Umbraco CMS ever since the Umbraco version 4.0.1. on. We have grown with it, understood it and evolved with it. That is why we are capable to create Umbraco websites for any type of industry and answer to any of your requirements.

We value your time and money

Umbraco allows our team to be quick and efficient when it comes you building your website. It is a much better and economical solution to hire a scalable team of 40 skilled Umbraco developers who can promptly respond to all your needs than to build your own in-house team.

How to Hire Vega IT Sourcing?

This is very easy and completely safe. We value your privacy and your intellectual property. In other words, your idea will be safe with us. Here is how the process goes:

In just 4 simple steps, you will get your project done, the way you want it done.

Step 1 – Contact us using the form, giving us a general idea about what you need.
Step 2 – We’ll sign a NDA, so that you are sure your idea is safe with us.
Step 3 – We estimate the project, pick our best experts for that field and get to work!
Step 4 – You get your final product just the way you imagined it.

Take the first step right now and see how your idea grows and becomes reality.

Use Case: SMS PLC

As the first and the only certified Umbraco CMS Partner in Eastern Europe, we are successfully building and maintaining Umbraco powered websites on the .NET platform for numerous companies.

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